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jun-kified replied to your post:i is bored. what is there i can do now.. while…

Vote for Eric at the Mwave poll haha ~

haha yeah already placed my vote lol.. dont have extra accounts with me unless u have some to share xD 

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i is bored. what is there i can do now.. while waiting for DoR torrent to pop up

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introducing minwoo’s fave food: walnut. 

ricmins is <3 

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bwahahaha potential Rogaine endorsement!

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have some cheeky baby bird 

Goodbye HOME!! AGAIN!!!!! 

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[ #에릭 ] DoR screencap Ep11
because ep11 is ♥  

[ #에릭 ] DoR screencap Ep11

because ep11 is ♥  

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it seems that everyone i’m friends with is better friends with someone else and that really fucking sucks 

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shinhwa is so fucking ugly. why the hell are all these people obsessing over their looks when they have none. ya'll should be talking about exo. exo is king of good looks








Alright, you can have your opinion. I won’t stop you from having one..

But why in the hell would you say that to a SHCJ? Why me? 

I don’t really consider EXO as a attractive group to me. I don’t see any unique features from them. None. They also look super young, and it freaks me out. 

Shinhwa looks like a man-group. They got stubble, they got wrinkles, and they have some gray hairs once in a while. But you know what they have?

Unique features.

Hyesung has some sexy ass lips.

Minwoo has curves.

Dongwan has amazing legs.

Eric has a exotic thing going on. It’s hot though.


Junjin has beautiful cheekbones.

For real, other SHCJS could add on to the list if they wanted to.

They are super sexy for their age. They have no need to go shirtless or fuck the camera with their crotchs ok. They can just be themselves and they still look hot.

So please, don’t trash my absolute favorite group in the world because you don’t like their looks.

They have experience which is sexy to me.

*adds to the reasons why Shinhwa is sexy*






*throws pictures* I’m sorry, what

damn ya’ll are fast as fuck 

oppayam’s reaction to this :

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Me and yunianurulhayati … Watching Discovery of Romance drama episode 10. Eric oppaaaaaaaa…. :D


Me and yunianurulhayati … Watching Discovery of Romance drama episode 10.
Eric oppaaaaaaaa…. :D

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SHINHWA ~ Roygen Catalogue (cr due) p1

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